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End of Year Giving for the Environment

EarthShare California was founded 32 years ago on July 23, 1982 by affiliated member groups with the belief that environmental and conservation groups needed to be represented and participate in annual workplace giving campaigns.

EarthShare California’s mission is to protect, support and improve California's natural heritage of clean air, safe water, diverse wildlife, and healthy communities and families by raising funds for leading environmental organizations.

A sustainable and healthy environment requires well-trained leaders capable of executing creative solutions to future challenges. Environmental education also builds awareness of how to live in a way that conserves resources for future generations. EarthShare California members are fostering current and future generations of informed environmentalists, ready to tackle challenges like global warming, air and water pollution, and wildlife protection.

(Above) The above video was produced by Conservational International.

Help us meet our end of the year goal of raising $10,000 for California’s environment by giving $32 to honor our 32nd Anniversary.